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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on Life...

THANK YOU all for the outpouring of emails, texts, calls, cards, etc. of support and love while we adjust to life without my Dad. 
My house feels empty.  My heart feels sad.  We miss my Dad terribly.  He brought so, so much joy and life into our lives and home.  My daughter has been sleeping in his bed almost every single night.  The dog waits for him to come through the door.  I weep uncontrollably when no one is looking.  Tough stuff.

We went back to my Dad's hometown in IL for his Memorial services and Military Honors service.  Extremely beautiful and lots of love filled the space.  It was incredibly emotional for everyone but it was a full house with everyone sharing their best memories of Dad.  What an incredible thing to hear how many people were touched by my wonderful Daddy!! One of his oldest friends came with a shoelace tied around his wrist... they swapped shoelaces when each went off separate ways to Vietnam.  So touching!

Afterwards, we took a trip to WI to spread his ashes at his favorite fishing spot... just like he always wanted. 

It's been an unsually difficult road thus far since we are dealing with additional stressors.  There are some legal issues and mean people involved so I'll bypass the grueling details.  We're praying for God's goodness and peace to wash over these indivduals... my Dad would have wanted that.

God has surely blessed us on this difficult journey. We are so grateful for my Dad - for his love and legacy he left with us, for his salvation and the promise that we get to see him again one day.  Oh, what a glorious day that'll be... seeing my Dad and Jesus together!
Aside from  all the emotional challenges we have been faced with, we are embarking on several new paths.... we are getting ready for Kindergarten and for me to go back to teaching in the Fall!  So excited for both my daughter and myself. :)

I have also been trying to take care of some medical issues and, hopefully, we have things tweaked enough that we can add to our family with a little munchkin. *sending up prayers*

AND,  some really exciting news... we bought a new house!  We are moving closer to the new school, closer to family -- great neighborhood, beautiful house, fabulous yard w/ pool, more space.  We will be renting our current home out and should be moving into the new house some time around the start of school.  We are doing lots of upgrades to the new house first so we're postponing our move until it's finished.  Lots to do! 

With all that going on, blogging about deals and coupons just has not been on my radar. I mean, I have barely clipped a coupon let alone even made it to the store more than a couple of times in the past month.

I really appreciate your patience and understanding while I put this {the blog}part of my life on hold.  I will be returning to the deals in a couple more weeks though, maybe with a modified blogging schedule so I don't go insane.  ;)