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Friday, March 26, 2010



Have a question?  Feel free to ask me anything!  Here are some of the most frequent questions I get from readers:

What's with the coupon lingo (i.e. 3/17 SS)?  I don't know what it means!
I hear ya!  Those crazy abbreviations are enough to make your head spin....until you figure out what they mean.  Read up on the Coupon Lingo and it will soon be a piece of cake!

How do you organize your coupons?
I've been through several methods but I tend to stick the coupon binder system.  (You can see pictures and read how to organize it here.)  If I'm making a quick trip though, I bring along a small accordion file.

Where can I get coupons?
Your Sunday newspaper will have coupon inserts (see previews of upcoming inserts here), but I have had terrible experiences with my local newspaper so I don't get the Sunday paper.  Read HERE about how I am more-than surviving and where I'm getting all my coupons!

Do you have a grocery budget?  Do you have any recommendations for cutting our grocery bill?
I used to have a grocery budget but since I changed my whole money mind-set (you know, the whole rational, willpower thing) I don't stick to a set budget.  Mainly because I rarely get near $80 and, if I do, it's a shopping trip that will last nearly two weeks.  I wrote about this topic here so you can read up to learn more.

I'd like to start planning our menus each week but I feel overwhelmed. Do you have any tips?
Yes, I do!  I firmly believe that planning our menus ahead of time has saved us so much money at the store.
I did a whole post on this very topic, so check it out here and let me know if you still have questions.

Do you have any tips for making money at home?
Yes, I wrote up several articles here and here highlighting different opportunities to make a little extra cash.  From time-to-time I will also repost those tips as well.

Will you do product reviews or host giveaways for my product?
Most of the time, yes - I'd love to!  I reserve the right, though, to decline any product or partnership possibility based on the appropriateness and my own comfort level (i.e.  nothing 'R' rated will make it on here, sorry).  If you are interested in getting your business name, brand, and/or product out there, please drop me a line with a brief summary and we'll talk through the details.  I do require one product for myself to review and at least one product to giveaway to my readers.

Still have a question?  No problem!  Just drop me a line and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! :)


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