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Friday, December 5, 2008

Become a Shoe Tester for New Balance

New Balance has a tester program out for adults and children. They are looking for testers who are willing to provide feedback on their shoe designs, wear, comfort, sizing, etc. I signed my toddler up for this and we have already received our first test shoes. NOTE: As a shoe tester, there is some work involved. You do need to complete the surveys and you DO have to send back the shoes (after about a month or two).

Here's how the program works:

1. Apply HERE to become a New Balance shoe tester. (See all the guidelines at NB's site.)

2. Once you receive your shoes, you will get detailed instructions on completing the forms (it's really not a lot).

3. You will be given a date to log-in to their website to provide feedback (about mid-way through the testing period). You will also be given a date in which the shoes need to be mailed back (postage paid).

What I liked about the program was that my daughter got to try some new sneakers out for a couple of months. I got a feel for how New Balance shoes fit her, and actually really liked them. Although we were sad to see them go back, we're hopeful that we'll like the next pair just as much.


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