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Friday, November 13, 2009

Money-Making Opportunity: Get Paid for Visting Popular Sites

I always get emails from readers interested in bringing in a little more income. In addition to all of the possibilities I wrote about HERE (keep scrolling down through all the posts), there is a new opportunity to make a little extra without having to do much at all! Love those kinds of gigs!!

BeRuby.com is a personalized portal where you can make money for your activity on the web. No toolbars, no downloading anything, just start your searching with your BeRuby account and you'll money for the sites you visit. NOTE: You won't make dollars worth every day - just cents but it all adds up and is nice to have plopped into your Payal account every month. And, from what i can tell, you get paid for each site once a day...still more than I made from visiting the site without going through them. I just signed up today and have $1.08 in my account. Like I said, not life changing but worth a few minutes of my time.

More about how you get paid...

"BeRuby.com has commission agreements with all the sites that display a Ruby symbol and gives one third of these commissions back to you (through shopping, registering or sometime just visiting the site). The amount of commission that the user receives will vary by site and will often depend on how much is purchased from the merchant. The more rubies that are displayed next to the store, the bigger the potential commission. For specifics, go to the commissions page, and click on the icons under the Visit, Register or Shop column to find out how to earn your cash back on that site.

On your direct commissions from the sites with rubies, you receive 33% (or one third) of the cash back generated. Another 33% (or one third) of the cash back generated goes to one of the non-profits working with BeRuby. "

I looked through their advertiser list and saw some pretty familiar sites... I know I use Google, Facebook, craigslist, twitter. You get paid for visitng those sites! You can also earn money for shopping through them and just for registering at certain sites.

Go HERE to check out BeRuby -- it's FREE to sign up (even better)!

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(Thanks Samantha and Money Saving Mom!)


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