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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FREE 8x10 Canvas Print (pay shipping) plus $5 Cash Back

Canvas People

This AWESOME offer is still available so I thought I'd repost since it would be the PERFECT Mother's Day gift!!

I did this deal a few months back and wanted to wait to post about it until I saw the quality. I was a little unsure how good an 8"x10" canvas print could look when it's FREE (less the shipping). But, since I'm impressed with what I got, I thought I'd pass it along!!

I ordered my canvas print from Canvas People as a gift and paid $14.95 for shipping. BUT, I went through ShopatHome and I'm getting $5 of that back!! It looks really good and will look even better propped up on a little easel.

If you're not already a ShopatHome member, go HERE to sign up (it's FREE) and you'll get another $5 in your account after your first purchase. (So, with the other $5, you'll pay just $4.95 for this!!)

Once you've logged-in or registered at ShopatHome, do a quick search for "Canvas People." It will be the second link. Then, click on the green "Shop Now" button and once you place your order your $5 will be deposited into your ShopatHome account. Likewise, if you're a new member, your additional $5 will be there too!

Again, I was really impressed with this offer and it's something I will be proud of giving this year!


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