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Monday, July 26, 2010

FREE Portrait Package and 20% off

Coupons.com has yet another great coupon available, and it's just in time for school!

You know how those school pictures are so overpriced and "they" pick the best ones for you?  Well, when I was teaching I had many smart parents who would let their kids participate in picture day, but they would take them somewhere else to have their pictures done as well... this saved tons of money and they got to make sure they pictures were what they want.  

(Can I just tell you that kids come to school looking so great and, by the time, picture time rolls around, their hair is sticking up and they have food on their shirts!)

Anyway, with this FREE Sears Portrait Package you can't go wrong!  Now, you can actually send school pictures out to family members without spending an arm and leg.  Just go HERE and look under the "Photography" category on the left.  Try zip 85032 if you don't see it.

NOTE:  If you're in another zip code you may see one for Olan Mills instead!!


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