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Thursday, July 15, 2010

{recipe of the week} Roasted Polenta Wedges

 {image credit: The Whole Kitchen}
It's no surprise that one of my favorite snacks/recipes comes from one of my favorite cooking sites, The Whole Kitchen.

This week's featured recipe is incredibly easy and extremely yummy!  Jenn at The Whole Kitchen has taken polenta (basically boiled cornmeal that you can buy ready-to-go..it's cheap, too!) and she turned it into a fun appetizer/snack/side dish.

{By the way, definitely check out Jenn's recipe collection -- she takes whole foods and puts a gluten-free spin on some delicious foods!}

These are really good served with a marinara sauce... I either used jarred or make my own.

Here is Jenn's recipe for Roasted Polenta Wedges (and don't forget to browse her other creative recipes).


  1. do you have any vegetairn recipes

  2. Thanks so much for making me the recipe of the week! Really appreciate the blog love! ...And I'd really like a few wedges of polenta with maybe some pesto or olive spread to schmear on them, but alas - it is too hot in my un-airconditioned apartment to turn on the oven! Ah well, such is summer...

  3. Anon, yes, we do a LOT of vegetarian meals. Check out my master list here: http://www.scribd.com/full/19959456?access_key=key-3vm9l6v5yj8yxj9mb0x

    Jenn, LOVE your site!! Pesto would be so great with these -- great thinking! :)