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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Safeway Home Delivery: $7 off your first order plus FREE Shipping

Imagine coming home from vacation and having an empty fridge.  The last thing you want to do in between mounds of laundry is to run to the store to reload on the groceries.  That's where Safeway saves the day.

Having groceries delivered seemed so 1950s to me, but then I realized how practical it really is especially on occasions when making a grocery trip just can't fit in my schedule.

Safeway offered me the opportunity to try out their home delivery service and I was really impressed!
It's so easy to order online, add some e-coupons and schedule my delivery date and time.

When the delivery truck arrived, a sweet young man carried all my groceries in (he wouldn't even let me help!) and he set everything out on my kitchen island.  All my food was there lookin' good... I signed off and he left.  (BTW, he wouldn't accept a tip either.)  I thought about how much time I just saved... probably 40 minutes or so by the time I drove to the store, searched the aisles with my daughter, checked out, loaded the car up, drove home, unloaded groceries and kid.  In 115-degree weather, all of that sounds so unappealing!

I love that Safeway offers e-coupons to add to your card plus BOGO deals and more online.  I do, however, wish I could somehow use my paper coupons with my order.  Even though I probably wouldn't order online every single week (since I love my paper coupons), but it is so nice to have the option offered by Safeway!  I also feel like this is a fantastic option for a new mom, someone without a car, someone who is super busy (ahem), someone who is throwing a party.  It would even be a nice surprise as a gift to someone - a new mom, a sick friend, someone who just lost their job.

Safeway wants all of YOU to enjoy the perks and ease of having your groceries delivered, too, so they are offering a great coupon code to The Good Deal Gal readers!
  1.  Go HERE to Safeway and click on "Shop Now."
  2. Browse by aisles, Online Savings, etc. adding your items to your cart.
  3. Schedule your delivery date and time.
  4. At checkout, use coupon code TGDG to save $7 off your first order of $50 or more and get FREE ShippingCode expires 9/30/10 NOTE:  This is for new customers only.
  5. Now, wait for your groceries to be delivered and use that time doing the hundreds of other things you need to do. :)
Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Safeway. I was given $200 in Safeway gift cards to use for my home delivery and review . The opinions and comments in this review are my own and any compensation has not altered or influenced my statements and opinions.


  1. How long is this coupon code good for?

  2. Shawna, the code is good until 9/30/10 and there is a $50 min. to your order.

  3. I just tried to use it and it didn't work. ??

  4. Jennifer, I have emailed my contact there and we are working on getting the code fixed asap. Thanks!!