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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{ask me anything} Shopping at More than One Store

This week's "Ask me Anything" question comes from a sweet reader, Tausha:

"Do you go to ALL the grocery stores, or do you have 1 that you love best and have had most luck at? (Safeway, frys, bashas, albertsons).  Same question for CVS vs Walgreens and Target vs Walmart.  So far I have been trying them all...but I think that might get hard fast. :)"

I usually stick Fry's and Safeway since they are close and I feel like they have the best deals.  Fry's probably has the best deal, in my opinion, but Safeway is definitely coming around.  I have never had much luck at Bashas or Albertsons.  I also like to make a bi-weekly trip to Sunflower Market or Sprouts for some super fresh produce and all-natural meats.

I also tend to shop at CVS way more than Walgreens.  CVS is waaay more coupon-friendly, and I find I can get the most items for free there!

I agree that hitting all the stores and trying to get every day would get exhausting really quickly!!  Since starting my stockpile, I have been able to cut out all those little trips and be really picky about what deals I snag!

Great question, Tausha -- thanks for asking!

So, readers, where do YOU shop... one store or more than one??  Thoughts?
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  1. I do the same. I stick to one or two consistent stores but will drop in to another store if it's a really good price.

  2. I have taken for granted that Target is across the street (walking distance) and both Walgreens & CVS is down one block. I am very grateful to have them nearby.