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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunflower Market Deals - Week of 8/25

I have been frequenting Sunflower Market lately and I have been LOVING it!!  Since I scan through the ads anyway, I thought I'd include some of their ad highlights here as well.  Mainly I go after their produce deals....

  • Berries 4 for $5
  • Grapes .88lb
  • Cantaloupe .77 each
  • Peaches .88lb
  • Organic Plums .99lb
  • Organic Peaches .99lb
  • Organic beets or carrots 2 for $3
  • Organic chard .99
  • Steak Sale 40% off

Lundberg Rice Chips $1.50
Check out the Sunflower Market Ad 
for the rest of this week's deals!


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