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Friday, August 27, 2010

{Today Only} AZ Groupon Deal: $21 Fat Burger gift voucher for just $10

Fatburger lovers will LOVE today's Groupon deal!  For $10, you get $21 worth of beefy burgers and sides at Fatburger. Your Groupon can be redeemed at the Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix/Desert Ridge, Phoenix/Metro Center, Mesa, and Scottsdale locations of the old-fashioned burger stand, so drag-race your high school's bully to the nearest or farthest location.

This could make for a really cheap dinner out -- and you can buy 2 per person (use one per visit)!!  Go HERE to get in on this deal before it ends!


  1. In course of my daily coupon hunt, I landed upon your blog. Good one. And the Fatburger is really irresistible! Yummy! :)

  2. Thanks Couponboa! So glad you stumbled on over here! :) You have a great site, too!