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Friday, February 25, 2011

FREE $10 Credit to Rue La La

New Rue La La members can sign up HERE and get a FREE $10 credit in their account!

Go HERE to sign up now before the credit offer expires and keep the credit in your account until you spot a deal you love!


  1. you mean sign up and give you $10 for YOUR account?

  2. Anon, I am not sure what you are implying.... that you are not receiving the free credit and I am? This was a special promo emailed to me by Rue La la since they recently ended their latest free credit offer. No where in their email offer to me (for my readers) does it state that I will receive any sort of compensation, nor have I received anything from this current promo. If you don't want to sign up, then just pass but please don't imply that this is self-serving in some way... it's very clear that new Rue La La members will receive a FREE $10 credit within 48 hours in their account. Am I missing your point?