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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FREE $30 Shutterfly Credit for Photoworks Members

Photoworks is closing their site, and  Photoworks members can get a FREE $30 credit to Shutterfly just for transferring their pictures over to Shutterfly!  You have until May 2nd to transfer your pictures off of Photoworks.

"Simply log into Photoworks and start the transfer process. It will give you the option to “Transfer Photos” right away if you have any uploaded. You can either create a new shutterfly account or log into your existing account.  After 48 hours check your email for notice of when the transfer is over and then you'll receive a unique code worth $30 towards any purchase at Shutterfly. Right now Shutterfly is offering free shipping on orders $30 or more but I'm not sure if these will combine."

 (Thanks Becca!)


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