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Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't Find Coupons? Just Ask...

Sunday's paper is usually stocked with a good amount of coupons, and online sources also have a large amount that you can print at home to redeem at your local stores. (See my sidebars for printable coupons.)

Sometimes, though, it's really difficult to find coupons for products we really love (particularly organic and natural varieties), so I started reaching out to our favorite companies for help.
I did a little each day, maybe 5 companies (it took under 5 minutes -- cut/paste), and sent them each an e-mail that said:

"We really love your products, especially ________. Would it be possible to send coupons and samples of new items so we can keep enjoying your products?" Then, I'd include my address.

Within a week, our mailbox was filling up with coupons and free samples! I noticed that a lot of the coupons had longer expiration dates and many were for $1.00 off or more-- a handful were even for an entire free product!

Companies love hearing from their customers and are, usually, very eager to help.

Here are some healthier companies that I've had good luck with:

Other fantastic resources for clipping (or printing) healthy coupons:


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