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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{Phoenix Area} 50% off Restaurant Gift Certificates plus coupon code!!

Reader Lenka emailed last week to let me know about an awesome place to buy local restaurant gift certificates at a discounted price.  Since we all know (and love) Restaurant.com, this idea is pretty familiar and very much welcomed!

Unlike most of the Restaurant.com gift certificates, LocalDines.com's gift certificates don't seem to have as many limitations.  So, you can get a $30 gift certificate for $15 and it will usually cover any drinks, happy hour, etc.

AND, Lenka also let me know that they have a promotion right now:
"Right now they have a special for new sign-ons with code TRYUSNOW you get $10 off $25 purchase. So I got a $50 gift certificate to the Bamboo club for $16(1 processing fee)."

OR use promo code: free5J to receive $5 discount on purchases over $15.  The promo code will expire Thursday at 9pm

Go HERE and sign up for FREE and keep checking for new restaurants to be added!

(Thanks Lenka!)


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