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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on my Sanity

Thanks to each and every one of you who sent emails and comments (and calls)!  I'm so blessed to be surrounded by love and it moves me beyond words.

I am officially done with my endorsement class (YAY!), so now I'm just waiting on the Department of Ed. to do their part.  I'll have a couple of months "off" before I start teaching again -- I'm very excited to have my little one begin Kindergarten and to head back into the classroom.  Have you ever known that feeling when you are doing exactly what God meant for you to do?  I get that feeling being a mom, a wife and teaching.  It's indescribable and brings such joy!

Things in our household have had some major changes over the last month -- my Dad is now living with us after a long stay in the hospital.  He is getting stronger and healthier everyday -- we believe in miracles!

Out of this, I have learned:  1.  That my husband is truly awesome, supportive, a Godly man and compassionate beyond belief.  2.  My daughter is selfless, spirit-filled, empathetic and closer to God than any of us.  3.  If teaching doesn't work out maybe I'll be a nurse, lol.   4.  God is good.  Over and over again.

Despite any and all trials we have dealt with, conquered and will face in the future journey -- He is who He says He is.... and I'm holding on to that Truth.  We were never promised these moments wouldn't arise; we were only promised that WHEN they do, we wouldn't have to do it alone.

So, while my plate is still full, I'm pretty sane.  I'd rather have a full plate with all this love than an empty plate any day.

Thank you all again! Here is the perfect example of WHY and HOW we all keep going when we feel broken... (This was a young man at our church this past Sunday on Easter.)

My King from North Bible Church on Vimeo.

*  Going forward posts should be a little more scheduled... hopefully. ;)

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  1. We have friends who go to the North Bible Church and they posted this video on their Facebook page, absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting it here, it helps to have another reminder :)