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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{ask me anything} Teacher Appreciation Gifts

What are some good (frugal) gifts for teachers?

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week -- one of my favorite weeks to spoil the teachers!  As a teacher myself, I know how much time, energy and personal money teachers put into their classrooms and students.  Honestly, it is the best job in the world but it is difficult!  There is so much that teachers do behind the scenes but, most importantly, so much love that they pour onto our children each and every day.

I encourage you this week to bless your teachers with a small token of appreciation.  Things I always loved from my students were homemade goodies, coffee, and parent volunteers -- seriously, volunteering to help the teacher for a couple of hours means a couple more hours he/she can spend with her family!  Priceless.

This year, my daughter's small PreK school has a handful of influential teachers that we are going to surprise.
                                                        {double-click to enlarge picture}
We put together these snack caddys:
*  I picked up drink holders for free at Sonic (I tipped the girls anyway)
*  I created these water bottle tags
*  Made mini- banana bread loaves
* Single-serve bags of Trail Mix
*  'You were "Mint" to teach' Altoids
* Goldfish Grahams with "You're o-fish-ally awesome" bag toppers
* Personalized Hand Sanitizers (the most adorable thing ever!! Tutorial here)
NOTE:  My daughter's homeroom teacher will be joining us for a lunch date and flowers soon as well.

What are some of your teacher gift ideas?


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