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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{review} Personal Microderm System

Since the birth of my daughter and diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease, my skin has never been the same.  I have developed melasma, which appears as dark patches on my face and is heightened by sun exposure. It's all lovely I tell you.

My general skin care regimen usually involves: wash, toner, moisturize, sunscreen -- and exfoliate a couple times a week.  Unfortunately, this usually has very little results on the melasma.  My sister-in-law, an aesthetician, recommended a series of Microdermabrasion.  Those are pricey so I have yet to try a series of 'professional' in-office treatments.  I have always wanted to, though.

Lucky for me, Dermstore offered to send me a Personal Microderm system to review!!  I checked it out online and was intrigued by the great reviews -- but I was trying to be realistic about it being a "home" system and not "professional." 

The Personal Microderm is a "convenient, easy to use, portable and personal microdermabrasion system helping you get younger looking skin without paying for high priced treatments."   It's priced at $179.99, which seems really  high but compared to in-office treatments it pays for itself after one at-home treatment. 

Now, to be totally fair and honest, I have nothing to compare my results to since I haven't had professional treatments done.  BUT, I was very pleased with the results I got after one treatment and after two treatments I noticed a big different in my melasma.  It's painless, easy and makes your skin look so even and feel soft!

The Personal Microderm  uses replacement tips (comes with 6, each is good for 1-3 uses) that can be purchased for $15 for 6 tips.  This makes it easy to share this device with your friends!  In fact, I used it on my husband's face (he loved it!) and on my friend Candice (who is ready for another go-around).  I am in love with this thing!!

I know it may seem pricey upfront, but I really feel (after trying it) that it is totally worth it -- especially if you have fine wrinkles or skin discoloration you are worried about. 

The Personal Microderm is available at DermStore with FREE shipping on all orders!

Disclosure:  Dermstore sent me the Personal Microderm to try out and review.  No other compensation was given.


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